Badbad Deconstructed

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to put badbad into perspective. I started this blog to assist in the liberation from conventional labels. Badbad Diaries is more about a state of mind than an exercise in stereotyping so instead of giving a definition of what a badbad is, I asked my fellow badbads about what it is to be one of us. True to form, I was given insight in various conversations with these phenomenal women and not with your run-of-the-mill adjectives either. Brace yourselves…

The presence of a badbad

  • “walk into a room, everybody watches”
  • “unapologetic”
  • “Look at you, owning your life”
  • “President of her own country”
  • “I can mess my life up by myself”
  •  “I’m not trying to convince the world that what I am is right”
  • “Open to making mistakes. Viva vodka for tonight then gin the next day. A badbad is in the moment all the time”
  • “Don’t question my decisions, I don’t have to have an excuse”
  • “Honey, everyone’s gonna need me one day”

On relationships and badbads

  • “Men can’t deal with a woman who is loyal to herself”
  • “The only reason you call me bad is because I’m too good for you”
  • “Own your place”
  •  “I won’t sell myself out to fit in anywhere else”

The inner workings of the mind of a badbad

  • “Until you value yourself enough, the opinions will matter”
  • “This is not a dissertation; this is YOUR story”
  • “A badbad does not follow a trend. Trail-blazer”
  • “The older you get, the fewer f**** you give and that is how you become a badbad.”
  • “Honour yourself”
  • “I am going to make bad choices, I love them, they are mine and I am ready to deal with the consequences”
  • “What I know now, is enough for now. What I know tomorrow is enough for tomorrow. There is no right or wrong, there just IS”
  • “You will get bad critique”

The top 3 tiers on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; self-actualization, esteem and love/belonging are a common thread when it comes to badbad mentality. At the risk of sounding like a rampant feminist, I need to point out that this is not what most readers think when they first learn title of this blog but now that all cards are on the table, feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear what/who you think a badbad is.

-Fellow badbad


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